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About Us

Who we are

The Amanda Foundation was founded in 1976, and has since placed thousands of homeless animals. It is a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs and cats who, through no fault of their own, are spending their last days at City and County Shelters.

The Choice

When rescuing animals from the pound, Amanda volunteers can never leave with a happy heart. Due to a lack of funds, for every orphan we adopt, we must leave many more behind to face an unnecessary death. Their faces haunt us for days and months to come. We choose not only the purebreds who are readily adoptable, but also the older ones, the shy and battered ones, the mothers nursing their litters, the ones whose eyes tell us they have no chance.

The rescue of an older animal is more often than not a revelation. In many cases the pet who has become resigned to his fate turns out to be leash trained, housebroken and most important, already spayed or neutered. He obviously has fond memories of having at one time belonged to a caring guardian, and once removed from the anonymity of the pound, he is readily placeable.

The Care

Our adoptees are taken directly from the shelters to veterinarians where they are given any necessary medical treatment, including initial inoculations and boosters. Adults are then spayed or neutered. When puppies and kittens become of age, they will be altered by the Amanda Foundation at our expense.


Dedicated volunteers give the shy and mistreated orphans special attention and spend hours daily walking frightened and insecure dogs and petting and reassuring the timid kittens and cats. It may take weeks before some of our animals are ready for adoption, but we feel that loving care and rehabilitation are worth every hour spent.

Volunteers are always needed at the Amanda Foundation, and we have a special need for foster homes for mother cats and dogs with kittens and puppies.Please call (310)278-2935.


Sometimes, the only home our pets have ever known is a lonely back yard. This can sometimes lead to behavioral problems. If necessary, we will provide a trainer at our expense to take care of any problems which may arise after adoption. Our aim is to keep both pet and owner happy and living together harmoniously.


The Amanda Foundation desperately needs your help. Private contributions are our only means of support. We urge those of you who truly love animals to go to a shelter and adopt an orphan. You will be amazed at how many healthy adorable pets are waiting there longing for a home. However, if you are unable to face the agony of the shelters, please contribute to the Amanda Foundation, and we in turn will rescue and place an animal on your behalf.

The Motivation

Every year, Los Angeles County’s 28 shelters are forced to destroy well over 200,000 pets. These animals were either strays or brought into the shelters by their owners. We believe they all should have a second chance, and we will work tirelessly to rescue as many as possible.

Special Acknowledgement Program

For $25 or more, commemorate a special occasion; birthday, anniversary, etc.; or perhaps the passing of a beloved companion. We will send a personal card plus a photo of an orphan you have helped rescue in their honor. For information call (310) 278-2935.

Honorary Chairpeople

  • Lisa Hartman Black
  • Clint Black
  • Kevin Nealon
  • Linda Rambis
  • Kurt Rambis
  • Amy Adelson
  • Dean Valentine
  • Tina Sinatra
  • Andrea Pett-Joseph
  • Cynthia Pett-Dante