Parasite Control

We provide a wide array of guidance and treatment in our Parasite Control Programs to help keep fleas, ticks and internal parasites from harming your pets.

Working to prevent fleas and ticks from biting your pet can keep them safe from infection, disease and allergic reactions.Your pet is also at risk of contracting severe illness from internal parasites like worms. It’s crucial that pet owners utilize the widely available parasite prevention products designed to protect pets.

By working with our staff, you can determine which product will work best for you and your pet. We offer both oral and typical prevention methods for cats and dogs. To help keep you and your pet safe, it is recommended that dogs and cats have a minimum of one fecal exam annually to test for internal parasites such as hookworms, roundworms and Giardia. If you live in a place where these parasites are more common, your veterinarian may suggest several fecal exams yearly.

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