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Rehome Your Pet Info

If you find it necessary to re-home your pet, please send an email to Amandafoundation@aol.com with a complete description of your pet (text in an email only. Microsoft Word documents are not accepted) and a photo.

NAME THE PHOTO OR ZIP FILE (72 dpi, .jpg file) WITH THE NAME OF THE PET ONLY. It is very important that you follow these instructions carefully.

These pets MUST be spayed or neutered before being placed on this page. Please do not contact The Amanda Foundation regarding the pets you see listed on this Rehome Your Pet page.


This is a FREE service The Amanda Foundation offers to the public to help re-home their pets so that they never need to end up at a pound. The guardians of the pets listed on this page are the best resource for information as these pets are in their homes and not under the care of Amanda. Prospective adopters – please expect to pay a nominal fee for these dogs and cats – it is just not a good idea for a number of reasons to offer pets as “free to a good home”.