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There are not enough homes in the United States for all the dogs and cats filling the shelters. It is indisputable that the highest number of impounded pets come from the lowest income neighborhoods.

Our Spaymobile travels to Watts, South LA, Pacoima, Boyle Heights, Highland Park, ect. offering free spay/neuter and vaccines. Our program is unique because we go into the most underserved neighborhoods and we reach out to the communities in familiar and user friendly ways that appeal to the people we want to help.

Take a look at our flyers below, we know of no other program in the country that is taking our approach, and it is working!

Through years of building a bond of mutual respect, we are now welcomed into these neighborhoods. Neighborhoods that often are known to the rest of Los Angeles only for the violence that is committed there and reported on the nightly news. We are the highest volume Spaymobile program of our kind in the United States. We serve both dogs and cats and we have never turned away a client because their pet was too fractious or too large.  We service a high percentage of adult big breed dogs (Pits, Rotts, Shepherds, etc.)  while similar programs have size limits on the clients they will accept.

Here is how our Spaymobile program works. People call our toll free number to make an appointment.  We inquire about the pet’s age, health, and explain the procedure. The client picks a location and day that they are able to attend and are given an appointment number. On the assigned day the client and pet(s) arrive between 7 am and 7:30 for check-in. They are then called to come pick up their pets when they are recovered from surgery and ready to go home. Pet’s go home the same day usually by 2 p.m. Surgical adhesive is used on the exterior so there is no need to return to the Vet for suture removal, all pets are given pain medications, E-collars when necessary, and post operative instructions as well as a 24 hour emergency number.

Last year our Spaymobile performed over 7,000 spay/neuters. If even half these dogs and cats had even one litter of 6 that means that over 21,000 kittens and puppies were not born to end up in the pound or on the street. And we know our estimate is a very conservative one and the actual number would be thousands more. Please help us with our mission; it’s a war we can win. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!

If you are starting a mobile program or are a Veterinarian that would like to receive instruction in performing high volume spay/neuter surgery, please feel free to contact us, we want to help you anyway we can!
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