Did you know that taking care of your pet takes care of Chrissy? When you make the Amanda Foundation your primary vet, our goal is to give your dog or cat the best pet care available, but the proceeds from that care are reinvested into our foundation. It is the money with which we run our Spaymobile, we find furrever homes for homeless cats & dogs residing at our shelter, it is the money that allows us to be proactive in the community, reducing the number of unwanted kittens & cats, puppies & dogs, and offering education in addition to health & wellness care in underserved communities, and allows us to take care of animals like Chrissy.


We picked up Chrissy from East Valley Shelter. It appeared as though she had been hit by a car. She had a broken back leg, and additional injuries which prevented her from moving her front legs. Later an MRI showed us neck disc injuries which we were able to diagnose and treat with physical therapy and steroids.

Chrissy was destined for an almost certain euthanasia. Due to the complexity of her injuries and the amount of extensive aftercare required to bring her to recovery, the opportunity for a family or other organization to take on her wealth of medical problems was slim to none.

The Amanda Foundation was able to give Chrissy the advanced medical care she needed. We were able to do this for a reason: when you make the Amanda Foundation your primary vet, every appointment you have for your dog or cat – the check ups, the dental cleanings, the blood work – it all goes back to helping dogs like Chrissy.

Chrissy got the medical care she needed. And here we see her standing for one of the first times after her care. Chrissy doesn’t know what we did for her.. but looking at that face, and her tail wagging, we know she feels so much better.

Book an appointment for your furry family member to come see us soon, #310-550-0101. We can’t wait to have you as our customer.